The Philadelphia Intensive (PHLINT) is a hands-on and collaborative design workshop that cultivates responsible approaches to understanding and creating the places we inhabit.

We are enthusiastic about designing and making things, and always curious to better know the world. We are guided by a strong sense of ethics, and value individual expression supported by robust, dynamic communities.

PHLINT offers:

  • Opportunities to explore and engage the unique urban fabric of Philadelphia
  • Integration of research, design and making
  • Hands-on and full-scale building experience
  • Alternative approaches that go beyond the conventional bounds of school or practice
  • A flexible and accommodating framework to develop projects
  • Time to work closely with experienced design instructors and practitioners
  • Engagement with people and place at a variety of scales
  • Ongoing learning through research and action
  • Provocative questions and rich dialogue
  • Ways to rethink and rework the conditions we perceive